This blog records and reflects upon the challenges, successes, and failures of creating data visualisations using Tableau Public, Data Hero, and The World Bank data visualisation tool. 

These tools were used to create data visualisations to illuminate a narrative exploring the parallel degradations of human health and the natural environment. The finished article can be viewed here.

All datasets and databases are fully referenced in the bibliography.

Comparisons Continue

The same issues arise with most charts now. If the Tableau charts take up too much space, and their higher functionality is irrelevant to their message, then what is the point? A reader shouldn’t be expected to have to click on a data visualisation to see it properly, that defeats the purpose, and in our ‘read-fast-move-on’ digital culture, not having the data on instant display is criminal.

So then it appears I have answered my own quandary; visual clarity over aesthetics and techy interactivity every time. It’s a hard-learned lesson for me, the point of data visualisation is exactly as it is named, to visually represent data, if it doesn’t do that effectively then it’s just not doing its job.

This visualisation is clear, obvious, and functional. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. It isn’t interactive, but it really doesn’t need to be.

Data Visualisation Comparisons

After creating some visually compelling interactive data visualisations with Tableau Public, they are embedding into my article, but the width of the area is less than needed for many of them to display correctly without clicking to view full screen. While not a huge issue, this certainly isn’t ideal, and now I’m left questioning the need for interactive data visualisations at all. The visualisation should be clear enough in its static form to show the data and its patterns, so after returning to Datahero, I am now left with a choice between the fully embeddable and arguably more visually attractive chart, and the clearer, yet static chart. There is the option of screenshotting a full-screen Tableau chart, but that doesn’t have the clarity of the Datahero one below. Decisions decisions….